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    Founded in 1994, Grohe Développement SA is specialized in real estate brokerage, development, promotion, and consulting.
    It has developed itself around confirmed specialists imbued with the company culture. Today, our employees work on projects and developments that involve dozens of partner companies or agents.


    To give each project its own unique identity and make it fit in with its environment. Selecting from all the innovations, those which can durably enrich the quality and comfort of an apartment.


    Grohe Développement SA ensures from conception to completion and until marketing, the follow-up and the supervision of each stage. All our apartments are designed and built as if they were intended for us. The contractors who work with us are chosen among those who offer the best guarantees. Our availability is the best guarantee we can offer our clients.


    A visionary with a deep attachment to nature, John Grohe has been developing the principle of "living together" through his projects for many years. Creating and managing a harmony where individual and collective well-being coexist, echoing the development of biodiversity with its flora and fauna and their natural dynamics that can be expressed. Ahead of its time? Probably! His latest project, Grand Pré, imagined more than 10 years ago, is a perfect illustration of this.


    We also own the café-restaurant Le Cerf in Rougemont in collaboration with the star chef Edgard Bovier.


    The history of the Grohe family began in Germany in 1901 with Hans Grohe and then Friedrich Grohe and his vocation to make sanitary products accessible to all. At that time, faucets and shower systems in particular were a privilege of the wealthy. Today, the German branch of Grohe AG is one of the world's leading companies in the sanitary sector. Look at your faucet! Perhaps it is Grohe?


    A human-sized structure, Grohe Développement SA has gradually developed around confirmed specialists.
    Mathieu Nidegger

    Director of Grohe Holding Group

    Natalya Zheltyanik

    Administrative and Marketing Coordinator

    John Grohe

    Founder and Director

    David Grohe

    Sales Department

    Nastasja Grohe

    Real Estate Developer with Federal patent

    Claude Seris

    Real Estate Developer Studies and Operations

    The culture of our company is based on the proximity, experience and availability of our employees to our customers.
    Quality and innovation are at the heart of our values, we work every day to ensure the excellence of our services.